In the years to come, shops will begin to cater for needs above and beyond consumerism. Technology will be harnessed in order to provide functions both unique in purpose and precise in demand. Stroll through our high street of the future to understand how the services you didn’t even know you needed are,in the minds of some, already being prepared for. 

Text by Antonia Harris / Illustrations by Ruo Han Wang


Heartbreak Hotel

Recently single? Still sleeping in their t-shirt? The end of a relationship is hard enough without stumbling across constant reminders of your ex. Now, you no longer need to concern yourself with the debris left behind. At the Heartbreak Archives, we professionally remove and store memora- bilia left behind by dumped, lost or unsatisfactory lovers. Items are kept safe until you decide to move back or move on, free of heartache. 


Destination Frustration

In an age of the virtual, we offer old-fashioned, hands-on anger manage- ment. Browse our range of porcelain, pick your purchases, and proceed to our soundproofed concrete stadium where you can smash dishes, vases and mugs with as many screams of gleeful rage as necessary. For a small fee, you can even paint your issues onto the crockery you are about to vengefully destroy. Bring all your frustration, and no restraint. 


Keep Un-Touch Café 

Skype? Please. Our cafés are all about connection. With our unbeatable holographic equipment, you can share dinner with whoever you desire. Smell the food of a loved one, see the surroundings of friends in differ- ent hemispheres, and forget about screens as you immerse yourself in a long-distance call like no other. But remember, the only way to keep in touch is not to touch. 


Animal Intervention Inc. 

Does your best friend have paws and a tail? Are you fed up with chewed carpets and shredded post? We offer an exclusive Pet Therapy service where you can insert our custom designed earpieces and finally under- stand what your pet is thinking. These sessions allow much needed bond- ing over discussions such as diet, bedding, dating and lack of suitable play spaces in the home. Animal whispering just became a real conversation. 


DreamStream Theatre

You spend roughly one third of your life asleep, but wouldn’t you like to see what you’re picturing whilst you doze? To remember the perfect fantasy that was abruptly jolted into confusion by your alarm? With DreamStream technology, simply place our discrete monitor inside your pillow, and then pop in-store to view your dreams in HD. It’s that easy - just dream, stream and screen to see what really goes on in your head. 


Climatise Rental

We can’t stop time passing and months rolling by, but the weather? That we can fix. Suffering through an intolerable climate is literally last season. Rent our Climatise pods, which fit snugly on your back, and just set the climate to whatever you want. Wander along in December feeling warm wind on your face, or enjoy a crisp Autumn stroll in August, and keep your cool come rain or shine.