Going with Your Gut

Text by Verena Schwarz

Tomorrow today is yesterday. And the future is just a forecast away,
 at least for a trends researcher. Anja Kirig has made the future her profession, and knows exactly what will be in vogue in the weeks and months to come. But what will our emotions look like in the future? SEEK takes a closer look. 

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Text by Laura Storfner / Images by Sascha Bente

In our historical juncture, smoothness has become synonymous with perfection. This pervasive equivalence is not only found in technology, where quality depends on seamless functionality, but in everyday life as well. It is about time we step behind attened surfaces and find beauty in error. 

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tune into love

Crush — Dating — Love — Break up. Dispassionately speaking, love comes and goes in these four stages. But it’s in between these chapters that big feelings unfold. From nervous excitement to desperation and anxiety, to raging jealousy ­— love is the trigger. The evidence: love songs. For each of the four stages of love, SEEK has created a compilation of lyrics. Please scroll down to listen and feel.

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Text by Rosa Barba, Chris Dercon, Johann Haehling von Lanzenauer, Aino Laberenz, Burhan Qurbani and Leif Randt.

Some places are unreachable – they slip quietly off the map, lost to the past. Yet the important ones, the ones that have outgrown their walls and woven themselves into your very bones, signify an immortal instant of childhood, or growth, or love. They are the architecture of your history. Here are six people’s untraceable, but unforgotten, places.

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Images by Nicolai Howalt

No pain, no gain! In the face of adversity, sometimes we just have to feel the fear and fight it out. Looking into the eyes of the young boxers shot by Nicolai Howalt, emotions run high, revealing defining moments: between tension and exemption, boyhood and manhood, dreams and reality. 

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Text by Durga Chew-Bose / Images by Aaron Dawkins and Devan Grimsrud

A fortune cookie is the finishing flourish to countless Chinese meals. Pure delight awaits in the popping open of the shiny packaging, paired with an overwhelming curiosity at the fate that awaits us on that tiny paper strip. Hungry for contemporary wisdom, SEEK asked writer Durga Chew-Bose to reimagine the format in a series of short poems.

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Text by Anna Dorothea Ker / Image by Aaron Dawkins

All hail the algorithm: the seemingly alchemic codes underlying our every online move. While the conveniences they afford our modern lives are plentiful, the extent of their pitfalls remains murky. How to keep it in balance? We take a closer look at coming to terms with the intangible rules that are rewriting our realities, one click at a time.

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Illustrations by Paul Waak

Digital nomadism? So today! And in the future you might not even need overseas clients and a laptop to earn your income: you yourself, your smartphone, and an app are quite enough — just put your emotions out there and exchange. Someone is certain to need an instant boost of empathy. Sharing is caring — and earning. 

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Text by Alexandra Kleeman / Photos by Lukas Korschan

In the years to come, shops will begin to cater for needs above and beyond consumerism. Technology will be harnessed in order to provide functions both unique in purpose and precise in demand. Stroll through our high street of the future to understand how the services you didn’t even know you needed are, in the minds of some, already being prepared for. 

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Text by Eric James Bain

Is our TV addiction turning us into zombies devoid of real feelings?
 Or can clever and complex series make us more in tune with the inner lives of others? Eric James Bain reflects on the topic. 

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Interview by Zsuzsanna Toth

How does it feel to create without an end in mind? 2008Daughters is a project that narrows in on process as opposed to outcome. Performances and workshops use textiles as a medium to freely link minds, bodies, and identities. SEEK met with Isa Griese, one of the founders, to talk fashion-insanity. 

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progress poetry

We’re in a waiting line, waiting for devices to complete our tasks. For one second or a minute, maybe. While that progress bar reaches towards 100%, our brains yearn for something similar. Micro-moments represent a chance to experience and capture now-ness. Tao Lin’s haikus grab hold of this essence, cracking through the shiny touch-screen of our day’s greatest façade. Known for his bestselling novel “Taipei”, the US citizen of Taiwanese decent regularly writes micro poems. His “Selected Tweets” have just been released, some of which can be found here in this edition of SEEK. 

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Triggered Treasure

Memories of Conny Maier, Ricky Powell, Monty Richthofen, Timothy Sabaj

If we are what we choose to keep, what do the objects we most value say about who we are? The possessions we imbue with memories tend to have a way of becoming guiding posts for our future selves. For even when feelings fade, some things never lose their emotional worth. Intrigued by this idea, SEEK asked four cultural movers and shakers to fill us in on the things that keep them filled up.

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Answers from Nico Adomako, Wana Limar, Willy Ndatira, Nina Schims, Hikmet Sugoer, and Maja Weyhe

Whether we’re enchanted by their words, music, or unparalleled sense of style, the tastemakers of today have a profound impact on their followers. SEEK asked six influencers about the forces that influence them — and how they deal with things out of their control.

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