NO 2

In Limbo

Being In Limbo refers to a point of existence between two states. When in limbo you’re either free because nothing has been decided, or in a state of tension for the very same reason. For this issue we investigate the potentiality of intermediateness by asking how micro-moments can be used, why dealing with an unknown outcome is exciting, and why overcoming borders in a more than literal way is necessary for all of us. SEEK Magazine believes answers can be found through a process of examining and reflecting on the catalogue of contemporary behaviour. By browsing archives, talking to experts in their fields and exploring and experimenting with unknown outcomes, hopefully insight will be offered in turn. 

NO 3 

Multiple Choice

For this third issue we explored space in di erent dimensions. Our discovery tour leads us from Earth to Mars and back. On our way we’re looking to the past, into people’s minds, meeting cultural in uencers and lingering on thoughts of the future. The future remains unknown, but SEEK believes the strategy to embrace tomorrow lies in reaching out today. In this issue of SEEK magazine, we delve into the world within a nite space and hand it to you. Go all in – the choice is yours. 


NO 6


Welcome to SEEK Magazine’s sixth issue. In pursuit of escapism this season, we find ourselves summoning the celestial. Turning to the unexplainable. Seeking out the enchantment in the everyday. This issue channels all that is Super Natural: from starry summer skies to the inner workings of our minds.

Artist Simon Denny opens up his studio and unpacks some of the myths surrounding art, finance, and startup culture. We reflect on the alchemy of algorithms, and share spellbinding concoctions from bars around the world. Writer Durga Chew-Bose re-imagines the wise words found in fortune cookies, and tastemakers are quizzed about things in and out of their control. Two photographic series shed new light on daily life to remind us of the magnetism in the mundane.

Whether your gaze is turned to the cards, the stars, or elsewhere entirely — with issue No.6, SEEK invites you to redefine the oracles guiding your lives, one prophecy at a time. The magic is ours to make.


NO 4

Permanent Vacation

We all dream of holidays – of escaping monotony, evading responsibilities, falling off the grid into an endless break from the norm, away from the constant societal pressures of self-analysis.

The temporality of these trips is what makes them idyllic; their imagined permanence creates a different kind of paradise. The artificial, the forgotten, the distorted are all elements of the vacation as an ideal.
In this issue, we disappear into a permanent vacation which shifts from beachside to bedside, reflected through objects and ideas as we explore the escapism of tourism as both critics and consumers. 

Vacations hold an individual allure for every reader, and SEEK wants to lead you into the pockets of your own to-do lists, your own longed-for visions, your own desires for change, whether permanent or momentary. In this issue of SEEK, we want you to place your current life on hold and slip away with us. We hope you enjoy the trip.

NO 5

Borrowed Emotions

Over ninety percent of human behaviour is driven by emotions. Day in and day out we are responding to others’ mannerisms: visual nuances, tonalities of voice, small sparks of humanity. In many ways, emotions have become commodities; products bought and sold; items lost and found.

In this issue of SEEK Magazine we focus on Borrowed Emotions, delving into the peculiarities of what it means to be human. But we are also looking to the future. We examine the experience of disconnecting from an emotional state and our capacity to barter emotions.

Digging deeper, we analyse emotions associated with smell and sound, and memories and dreams. Feelings can change like the weather. Sometimes they creep back in unexpectedly, replacing others, taking on a life of their own. Look inside. Follow your gut feeling into the future.