NO 6




Welcome to SEEK Magazine’s sixth issue

In pursuit of escapism this season, we find ourselves summoning the celestial. Turning to the unexplainable. Seeking out the enchantment in the everyday. This issue channels all that is Super Natural: from starry summer skies to the inner workings of our minds.

Artist Simon Denny opens up his studio and unpacks some of the myths surrounding art, finance, and startup culture. We reflect on the alchemy of algorithms, and share spellbinding concoctions from bars around the world. Writer Durga Chew-Bose re-imagines the wise words found in fortune cookies, and tastemakers are quizzed about things in and out of their control. Two photographic series shed new light on daily life to remind us of the magnetism in the mundane.

Whether your gaze is turned to the cards, the stars, or elsewhere entirely — with issue No.6, SEEK invites you to redefine the oracles guiding your lives, one prophecy at a time. The magic is ours to make.