NO 4


Permanent Vacation

Welcome to SEEK Magazine’s FOURTH issue.


We all dream of holidays – of escaping monotony, evading responsibilities, falling off the grid into an endless break from the norm, away from the constant societal pressures of self-analysis. The temporality of these trips is what makes them idyllic; their imagined permanence creates a different kind of paradise. The artificial, the forgotten, the distorted are all elements of the vacation as an ideal.

In this issue, we disappear into a permanent vacation which shifts from beachside to bedside, reflected through objects and ideas as we explore the escapism of tourism as both critics and consumers. Vacations hold an individual allure for every reader, and SEEK wants to lead you into the pockets of your own to-do lists, your own longed-for visions, your own desires for change, whether permanent or momentary. 

In this issue of SEEK, we want you to place your current life on hold and slip away with us. We hope you enjoy the trip.